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  Pinole Invisalign Services

Invisalign treatment will consist of a series of aligners which are rotated around every two weeks.

Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.


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Orthodontics is the dentistry branch that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of face, jaw, and bite irregularities - or malocclusion. All structural deficiencies, crowding, gaps, etc. can be reformed into an attractive and appealing smile.

Orthodontics can enable you to enjoy the beautiful, straight and healthy smile you merit, whether it's employing customized removable devices or customary braces.



For Children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) both advise all children to visit an orthodontist by the age of seven. Apart from increasing the self-confidence of children, it will ensure all permanent teeth, and lower and upper jaws are maturing in a standard pattern. The orthodontist is able to direct the growth of the incoming permanent teeth and jaw if treatment is started early enough. Also, early treatment can control the width of both the lower and upper dental arches, avert permanent teeth extractions, increase permanent teeth space, decrease the chances for impacted permanent teeth, rectify thumb sucking, and get rid of irregular swallowing or problems with speech. To put it simply, starting treatment in advance will enable orthopedic improvement of both habits and jaws.

To arrange a visit for your child's free consultation to avoid possible oral problems in the future and to manage natural dental development, please contact our office.

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For Adults

Orthodontics is for adults as well as children. As a matter of fact, nearly 35% of all our patients are adults. No matter what age you are, you can get the smile you deserve and desire.

As a person ages, orthodontic care can significantly affect individual appearance and sense of worth. Braces allow teeth to shift for both young and old to enhance oral health and attain an attractive smile. Crooked teeth and an irregular bite can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, headaches, jaw joint pain or TMJ/TMD, bone loss or the irregular wear of tooth surfaces.

Our staff is expertly trained in implementing and utilizing the latest technology and methods of treatment available to decrease levels of discomfort and curtail the length of treatment.

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Ice Brackets

Most people are worried how they will look wearing braces but still desire straight teeth. However, several aesthetically minded celebrities wear visually appealing braces and quickly enhance their smiles without giving up their stardom or charm. If they can do it, so can you.

Pinole Ice Bracket Dentist
Our team proudly offers the most superior aesthetically oriented braces available on the market today - Inspire ICE. Inspire ICE has a patented sapphire material that makes them the only crystal-clear, translucent braces available. They are so inconspicuous they are almost unnoticeable.
Pinole Ice Bracket Dentist
A number of aesthetic braces are either white or colored to correspond to a specific tooth color. But because everyone has various tooth shades, those kinds of braces are usually noticeable. Inspire ICE translucent braces are very unobtrusive in spite of tooth color. And also, they'll never discolor or stain over a period of time so you will remain attractive during your treatment.

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Self Ligating Brackets

There is a motivating new technology - Self Ligating Brackets. Self Ligating technology establishes forces from the rubbing of brackets and improves aesthetics so that an elastic band is not required to keep the braces from moving.

Self ligating brackets are smooth, small and very comfortable. Depending on your previous consultation and if recommended, self ligating braces enable the team to implement lighter forces throughout your treatment while you still receive a permanent attractive smile.

Self ligating brackets offer you an improved self ligating application system that contains an advanced third generation clip, supplementary prescriptions for the anticipated outcome, and enhanced self ligating molar brackets.

Pinole Self Ligating Brackets Dentist

In order to amplify the patients' comfort, our team utilizes the most advanced research and development in orthodontics available today.

To learn more about self ligating braces, visit 3M's website.

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Surgical Orthodontics

What is surgical orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics (or orthognathic surgery) adjusts jaw abnormalities to enhance the client's capacity to breathe, speak, chew, and to improve their facial profile; similar to the way orthodontics shift teeth. Because shifting the jaws also shifts the teeth, braces are always used along with jaw modification. This facilitates the immovability of the correct alignment of jaws and teeth post-surgery.

Who needs surgical orthodontics?

The orthodontist may recommend surgical orthodontic care for mature adults done growing who have abnormal bites and facial appearance issues. The growth of the jaw is typically completed for girls by 16 years of age and 18 years of age for boys. Then again, stages of development can vary or be latent concerning particular growth patterns. Jaw surgery cannot be done until all growth is finished. Although, pre-surgical tooth alignments may start one or two years preceding these age brackets.

What Can I Expect from Surgical Orthodontics?

The oral surgeon and the patient determine the surgical method and diagnoses. Because each case is complicated, it is difficult to offer any generality. However, the majority of patients will be booked for standard orthodontic modifications anywhere from nine months to a year ahead of surgery and will complete orthodontic care six to nine months afterward.

Typically, surgery may take many hours based on the kind and amount of surgery required and is performed at the hospital.

After the surgery is completed, you can go back to work or school within a couple of weeks. Your orthodontist will adjust and tweak your bite once you have had the necessary time to heal (approximately four to eight weeks). Generally, your braces will be removed within six to twelve months subsequent to your surgery. You will be required to wear a retainer after your braces come off to retain your new attractive smile.

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Emergency Care

Since braces are somewhat fragile, they require sensitive care to avoid an orthodontic emergency. If you have braces, be aware of the kinds of foods you eat. Our team supplies you with thorough instructions of typical problems and a home care kit. As a general rule of thumb, it is best if you phone us if you are experiencing extreme pain or if you have a painful device issue that is giving you a difficult time. We will quickly schedule a visit to address the problem.

Do not detach a loose band or bracket. Simply leave it in position. You can put wax on the area if you are experiencing pain and irritation. If it should completely come off, place the brace or band in a tissue and take it to your next visit.

Permitting your device to stay damaged may involve complications or lead to interruptions concerning your treatment plan.

You may watch the following video to learn more regarding emergency orthodontic care. The following solutions could help you alleviate your pain and irritation. Please watch the video presentation.

Poking Wire

Take a pencil eraser and push down the protruding wire or put wax on it to ease the pain.

A Loose Band or Bracket

If your band or bracket is still fastened to a wire, try to leave it alone and place a bit of wax on it. If the wire should completely come off, wrap it up in a tissue or soft cloth.

A Wire is Loose

Employing a pair of tweezers; attempt to put your wire back in place. If this fails and the wax is not helping, as a last-ditch effort utilize a small fingernail clipper to cut the wire directly behind the previous tooth where it is firmly attached. If your pain persists, put some wax on it.

My Appliance or Device is Loose

Put wax on the irritating area of your device where it is poking you.

My Headgear Does Not Fit Appropriately

Occasionally headgear irritation stems from improperly wearing the headgear as ordered by your orthodontist. Simply read the instructions your orthodontist provided. Phone our office for help if the facebow gets twisted or bent. Ironically, the headgear may be less painful the more it is worn, so make sure you are wearing it the hours prescribed.

Soreness in Generals

You may experience overall tenderness in your mouth when you first get your braces. Additionally, your teeth may seem sensitive when you bite for a few days. You can help this issue if you rinse your mouth with a homemade mouthwash consisting of warm salt water. Disperse a teaspoonful of salt in an eight-ounce glass of warm water and swoosh it around your mouth forcefully. Putting some Orabase on the sore spot could also help. If the discomfort is extreme, take ibuprofen or whatever you would typically take for a comparable pain or headache.

Your tongue, cheeks and lips may additionally become sore for a few weeks as they acclimate to the roughness of the braces. Placing wax on the braces will diminish this issue. We will be happy to demonstrate.

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