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  Pinole Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign treatment will consist of a series of aligners which are rotated around every two weeks.

Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.



Below are some testimonials from some very satisfied patients whose smiles have been transformed thanks to Dr. Abar. These patients have allowed us to quote them.  We hope you find their stories inspiring.























"At the time when I got my braces I did not even have insurance and Dr. Abar was very helpful and understanding with my repayment options.  They have a very generous repayment plan that I was able to take advantage of which debunks the statement that the two bitter folks made. If he was all about the money he for sure would have stopped me at the door, but he didn't.  Instead he worked with me and even provided a discount.  Maybe that's something that comes to people with positive attitudes and good spirits!
My experience with Dr. Abar's Offices have been above fantastic. I am always excited to go in for an adjustment because the staff welcomes me with a smile and plenty of laughter. There are times even with my busy schedule I find myself hanging around talking with some of the staff because they are cool people. Just all around great people, and most importantly knowledgeable about their craft. I literally have movie star quality teeth!! And I love them, my smile was always great but now it's out of this world! I even got my teeth whitened in the Oakland office. I have those bright whites!!!!!! :)
This has to be the most accommodating orthodontist office I have ever heard of or researched because they have offices in 3 locations. I'm a consultant and I travel a lot so I need options for appointment times. I have jumped back and forth from the Pinole office and the Oakland office. Whatever is more convenient for me. I almost scheduled the Danville office once but I had to reschedule because of my travel schedule. Anyway I plan on referring everyone I can to Dr. Abar. I am like a walking billboard and people ask me all the time about my teeth. I've gotten so many positive comments from random people about how great my teeth look. Gotta love that!!!
Whenever I have kids they will for sure be seeing Dr. Abar. (If they need braces)"

Chazz l.


"I've been going to Dr Abar since 2009. I was referred to Dr Abar by my 1 (800) dentist, and I will say that I am pleased with my overall experience.  His office is comfortable, conveniently located, and flexible to fit your work schedule. His staff is friendly and they refer to you by name without looking at your file almost by your second or third visit to the office. Dr Abar is hands on, and involved in every step of your dental process.
I have recommended Dr Abar to two of my co workers, and I will recommend Dr Abar

Rita A.


"My daughter just finished treatment with Dr. Abar. We are completely satisfied with the care he provided, friendly knowledgable staff too. The staff doesn't over schedule so appointments are always quick and on time. The office staff was really great about helping us figure out the best way to bill our insurance the offer payment plans that are flexible and affordable with no interest."

Marianna D.


"My grandson has been going to Dr. Abar for five years now, since 2005.  He needed braces to straighten and make room for new teeth to grow.  His case was difficult, requiring surgeries and extra brace wearing time.  Dr. Abar worked with my grandson's parents to keep the costs down.  He stayed ontop of care needed to assure positive results.  He's always been honest, kind and professional.  He listens to our concerns about our grandson's teeth.  We listened and trusted him.  The end results are perfectly straight and beautiful teeth.  It was worth the wait.  During the five years his staff, dental assistants and front counter assistance has been excellent.  They have always been very nice, cooperative and understanding about last minute changes in appointments.  I'd recommend Dr. Abar to anyone who's looking for a "good dental" experience."

Anna A.


"This is to thank Dr Abar and all in the office for having done an extremely good job on saving my teeth. I am in my sixties and had been familiar with Dr Abar's work ever since my grandson, now 19, got his braces there. Due to complications arising with my bridge and overbite I was presented with two choices -One was to lose my teeth and the second was to save them- so guess which way i went? Even though mine was a challenging case, Dr Abar took it on. 3 yrs later, my braces have been removed, my teeth look beautiful, my smile, I'm told is even more wonderful and I now have a perfect set of teeth for the rest of my lifetime. I do not have enough words to praise both the compassion and the professionalism of all those who work there. Of course it all starts at the head- so thank you all. Thank you."

Parmindar I.


"Dr. Abar and his staff are extremely helpful and awesome! My teeth were really really bad. My two front teeth were crooked and I had a huge overbite. You werent even able to see my lower teeth, that's how bad it was. I decided to go to Dr. Abar because my older brother got braces from him too and he had a pleasant experience as well. So I ended up going to Dr. Abar at the age of 16 and a half, (almost 2 years ago) and he recommended that I should get oral surgery done in order to bring my lower jaw forward and make it quicker to fix my teeth. But i didnt want to do that because I was kind of nervous and unsure about the whole process. I decided to go with the appliance treatment instead. It took a longer time than normal, but I guess it was kind of worth it. The only thing that sucked was I had to go through a longer process because I decided to get braces at a late age and my teeth were barely moving and growing anymore. So it was a very long process but I still kept up with it and Dr. Abar never gave up. I still have my braces on, but Im going to get them off pretty soon, so im happy about that =) Overall, I would say that Dr. Abar and his staff are really polite, helpful, and funny as well. They are extremely quick at getting their work done and there is barely no wait time. Right when you enter the office, you get called right away. Its very quick and efficient. To be honest, the only thing I disliked was the amount of money that I had to pay. I spent a lot of money on my braces. I just wish that it had been a little less but I guess that's how it is everywhere. But I am 100 percent satisfied with the results, because my teeth are A LOT better than they were 2 years ago. Dr. Abar even showed me the before and after pics, and I was even disgusted with the way I looked before. lol. But yeah I highly recommend Dr. Abar. He is a very intelligent and down to earth orthodontist. I am happy with his work.

Thanks Dr. Abar!!"

Indiangiant G.


"I've received orthodontic treatment from several offices now, but Dr. Abar is by far my favorite. He is so good at what he does! My treatment was always smooth, progressive, and as painless as orthodontics can get. His office has a great atmosphere, and I can't find fault with any of his staff or thier work. I would even look forward to my checkups, and find myself relaxing in the chair! He cares about doing the best job he can, giving ultimate results, and his interraction with his patients is caring and kind. I couldn't say enough about his office. My own teeth look great, and I'm thankful for having had such a great experience."

Emily B.


"I have had the same dentist since I've had teeth until recently he finally decided to retire :( Finding a new Dentist/Orthodontist and better yet a GOOD one can be intimidating and daunting. Luckily per a recommendation to Dr. Abar from my co-worker, I have been spared the drama.
What can I say other than Dr. Abar and his staff are AWESOME w/ a capital A!! I am so pleased w/ his service, the quality of his work, the politeness and professionalism of his staff and just how pleasant and personable Dr. Abar is himself.
Today was the "Big day" for my 8 year old to get braces. Apprehension running wild w/ "Will it hurt?". We had seen Dr. Abar this past Friday for a consultation at the Oakland location. He was very explanatory and went over all of the options w/ her Father and I. This appointment was at the Pinole location which is conveniently located right off the freeway w/ plenty of parking. We arrived for our appointment walking into a well decorated and welcoming office, where we also were greeted by the friendly receptionist.
Before we had a chance to settle in the waiting room my daughter was called back. I appreciated how each station had chairs for the parents to sit and observe should they so choose. Everyone was so nice and efficient- there was no dead time just waiting in the chair. The synchronization of the office was one of a ballet. Patients were in and out seamlessly. No chaos!
My daughter got everything done today and walked away w/ new braces, outfitted w/ pink and green rubber bands, lol. She was so excited and didn't complain at all about pain nor discomfort the whole time.
We have found our new Orthodontist and I will certainly be recommending him going forward. ....I think I might even brave the chair and fix my smile :)"

Sheree M.


"My son and I would like to thank you for all the hard work and time spent on making his smile so nice. When we first came to your office he had an overbite/ crossbite. After a few years of visiting your office and following your direction his bite/ smile are now perfect. All of your direction his bite/ smile are now perfect. All of youu were a pleasure to work with and your staff is extrimely knowledgebale. I would highly recommend your services to those who are looking for a skilled Orthodontist in a warm caring environment."

April B.


"When I was a young boy, my mother took me to a dentist for my overbite, but nothing happened. Then when in my thirties I went to an orthodontist for his advise about my front teeth, he told me that if  we tried to fix my overbite there was a great possibility that my teeth would come loose and fall out.
In my mid fifties, after feeling that I was often biting in to my gums, I went to see my dentist Dr. Lin in Hercules. He referred me to Dr. Abar, and then finally things got taken care of. Dr. Abar sat down with me and explained my options. After debating, my wife and I made our decision; for me to go to get braces without having surgery. Three years ago we started taking care of my problem. I am very impressed with the results. In no time I didnn't bite into my gums anymore. The rest of the procedure took much longer, but the care and professionalism of Dr. Abar and his staff are amazing and now I am very satisfied with the feeling and look of my teeth."

Edgar V.


"Dr. Abar is an Ortho Extraordinaire!
I started with him in 2004 when I first got my braces. I wore braces for two full years. Now I see him once a year to check on my bite and make sure my teeth have not moved back. If needed, I get new night guards after dental work.
Results? Teeth look great, bite feels better. I can enjoy lifelong, healthy chompers until my timely or untimely death.
His office staff are the best. Friendly, upbeat, and flexible to the dentally challenged from an insurance perspective. (Like, no insurance)
They will work out a payment plan and make it financially feasible for you and your family to meet your orthodontic needs."

Bob G.


"Apresiado Dr. Abar: Realmente a esta edad que tengo nunca inmagine tener una sonrisa Buena, hoy lo difruto y me mire y me purece mentira que en me camino me encontre un angel el que se preocupara por mi dentatura, donandome su tiempo valioso y su pasiencia, por este medio quiero darles las gracias, no tengo palabras como decirle lo muy agradecido que Me siento por ese gran Torazon y por su personal que con mucha amabilidad me brindaron, me hicieron sentirme como en familia.
Le pidoa Dios que sobre usted, su familia y su personal derrame muchas Bendiciones.

Raul G.