6 ways to keep your gums healthy.

Dr. Hoss Abar

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What is gum disease?


Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky film-like material. Gum disease develops when plaque builds beneath and along the gum line. Moreover, plaque can cause infections that damage the gums and bones. Consequently, it results in gum disease and tooth decay but there are few ways to keep your gums healthy. Gingivitis, the mild stage of gum disease, is also caused by plaque. Therefore, gingivitis causes your gums to become:


  • Swollen
  • Sensitive
  • Inflamed
  • prone to bleeding


Periodontitis is an intense form of gum disease due to poor dental health. Moreover, periodontitis affects the bones and tissues that support your teeth.


Advanced periodontitis is a severe form of periodontitis. Furthermore, advanced periodontitis causes the deterioration of the fibers and bone that support your teeth. Most importantly, advanced periodontitis affects your bite. As a result, you may suffer from teeth loss.


The American Dental Association (ADA) lists the following as indicators of gum disease:


  • Consistently unpleasant taste or breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Gums that bleed
  • Gums that are swollen, red, or sore


Ways to keep your gums healthy


Gum disease is avoidable. Here are a few tips for maintaining your gums healthy.


Brush your teeth


After each meal, brush your teeth—this aids in removing food and plaque that gets stuck between your teeth and gums. Moreover, scrubbing your tongue is equally important as it might collect bacteria.


Consider purchasing a battery-operated or electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are more valuable than manual brushing in reducing gingivitis and plaque. Most importantly, you should replace toothbrush heads every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles tear.


Floss daily


Dentists advise flossing your teeth at least once a day. Flossing helps to eliminate plaque and food that your toothbrush cannot reach. It makes no difference when you floss. Therefore, you can floss at night, in the morning, or after lunch.


Professional dental cleaning


Daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings can help to treat gingivitis. If you visit your dentist regularly, they can discover early signs of gum disease. Moreover, an only professional cleaning can eradicate tartar. Furthermore, it can also remove any plaque you missed when brushing or flossing.


Use fluoride toothpaste


Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and prevents cavities. Similarly, fluoride promotes healthy tooth enamel and combats bacteria that damage teeth and gums.


Therapeutic mouthwashes


Therapeutic mouthwashes can help decrease plaque, prevent or minimize gingivitis and slow the formation of tartar. Furthermore, a rinse helps to remove food particles and debris from your mouth. However, it is not a replacement for flossing or brushing.


Quit smoking


Smoking is highly linked to the development of gum disease. According to many health professionals, smoking affects your immune system, making it more challenging to fight gum infection. Furthermore, smoking makes it more difficult for affected gums to recover.




Gum disease may result in tooth loss. Most people, however, can avoid gum disease by practicing good dental hygiene. Simple at-home oral care and dental appointments can aid in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. You should consult your dentist if you observe any gum disease indicators.


Contact your Pinole dentist, Dr. Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD at Abar Orthodontics, to learn how to keep gums healthy.




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