Adult Orthodontics: What are my treatment options?

Dr. Hoss Abar

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It is never too late to boost your confidence and self-esteem by having crooked, crowded, or loose teeth corrected! Whether you want to change your smile for cosmetic reasons or address long-standing concerns with your bite and jaw alignment, professional adult orthodontic treatments can provide a smile that looks and feels good. Adults mostly opt for orthodontic treatment for issues beyond aesthetic considerations.


Treatment options for adults


Many orthodontic options are efficacious, less noticeable, and offer increased comfort. There have been more adult treatment options, thanks to recent orthodontic advancements. Your orthodontist will advise you on the best solutions according to your requirements and lifestyle, but here are some of the most common options.


Clear aligners


The most common adult orthodontic treatment is clear aligners. Clear aligners use a 3D scan of your teeth to construct a series of custom-fit trays that progressively shift your teeth and jaw into the ideal position. If you're concerned about the visibility of your orthodontic appliances, this treatment can benefit you.


Clear aligners are a simple, effective, and comfortable treatment option. However, they are only appropriate to wear if you can care for your clear aligners.


Metal braces


Metal braces are a cost-effective and efficient treatment method. They correct severe or minor tooth crowding, most bite abnormalities, and spaced teeth. Brackets in metal braces come with materials like gold, ceramic, or silver and rubber bands that tie around each one. Traditional braces are also long-lasting, sturdy, and resistant to most treatment pressures.


Recent technology such as transparent aligners has offered patients additional options for treatment. However, braces remain one of the most significant ways to produce changes in a short period.


Lingual braces


Lingual braces work similarly to regular braces. However, they are attached to the back of your teeth rather than the front. They are the only entirely invisible orthodontic treatment option - because they reside behind your teeth.


Lingual braces are often more costly and take longer to fit and adjust than traditional braces, but they may be an extremely successful choice. Lingual braces are a good alternative if you want a discreet treatment option to help you attain a flawless smile.


Advantages of adult braces


  • They improve the look of your teeth, facial structure, and your confidence.
  • Braces not only enhance your oral health but also improve your overall health. Straight teeth, in particular, are simpler to clean and floss, which aids in the prevention of dental decay and gum disease. Furthermore, if your teeth and gums are healthy, so will your body.




Nevertheless, orthodontic treatment is a hugely beneficial investment in your long-term health and joy. A self-assured smile has the power to be your most valuable and lasting asset.


When it comes to treatment options, you should discuss them with your orthodontist. Your orthodontist can advise you on a guaranteed, comfortable, and successful orthodontic treatment.


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