Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Everyone doesn't need to remove the wisdom teeth. If your age is between 17 and 25, you might consider its removal. When there are many advantages of wisdom tooth removal, several disadvantages come with it. There are both the pros and cons of extraction. You must take into account both the advantages and the disadvantages of wisdom tooth extraction:


Advantages Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Following Are Some Of The Pros Of Extracting Wisdom Tooth:


Lessens the Risk of Crowding


The wisdom teeth usually do not fit perfectly behind your morals. It has been researched that they grow at an abnormal angle most of the time. When this happens, it leads to overcrowding and sometimes grows roots in them. This leads to the misalignment of the neighboring teeth.


It also traps food particles and debris. So when the wisdom tooth is removed, it reduces crowding, and the remaining teeth remain protected.


No Painful Wisdom Tooth


When a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, the wisdom tooth will develop partially, or it may become trapped in the gum. It can cause excessive pain, making the jaws stiff. It can cause tooth decay or infections. So, by removing wisdom teeth, you can get rid of this severe pain.



Dental Care becomes Easy


It becomes difficult to reach the wisdom tooth because they are present at the back of the mouth. This assures that this tooth accumulates bacteria and plaque with passing time, which leads to infections. So having extracted the wisdom tooth, it becomes easy to keep your teeth clean and avoid diseases.


Disadvantages Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction


There are also some cons to removing wisdom teeth. Some of them are given below:


Complications During Extraction


One of the complications that can occur after the surgery is the higher infections for tobacco users or people above 26. Rinsing the operated area can reduce these risks.


Some precautions must be taken, like avoiding drinking from the straw avoiding cigarettes as they may cause dry sockets. A blood clot is not formed in this condition, which invites the bacteria and germs to enter the extracted area. So, complications can arise after surgery.




It is essential to discuss the anesthesia options with your dentist. If you have a history of problematic anesthesia, talk to the dentist about it. The dentist numbs your mouth before the surgery. Hence, it is essential to let the doctor know about allergies and other adverse reactions towards anesthesia.


Post-Surgery Discomfort



You may experience some discomfort after surgery. Your dentist will recommend you medication if necessary. They might also give you antibiotics to avoid any infections post-surgery. Bleeding is also a part of the surgery, so it is crucial to use gauze to control the bleeding. And don't forget to avoid drinking and smoking as it can worsen the infection.


So wisdom tooth extraction comes with its pros and cons. It is essential to have a detailed conversation with your dentist before the surgery. It will help the dentist know about your health and allergies s before giving anesthesia.


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