The Benefits Of Dental Sealants

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People want to get better, long-lasting yet cost-efficient treatments these days. Dental sealant is one such easy and quick method to get the grooves filled. The primary benefits of dental sealants is to protect the outer surface of the teeth. Some major perks of having dental sealants are discussed below in detail;


Prevent Tooth Decay


Children whose permanent teeth begin to grow are often referred to get dental sealants by their pediatric dentist. The newly grown teeth have more nooks and are more prone to cavities and face teeth decay. Dental sealants seal the lower surface, so no germ or food particle penetrates the teeth. They are restricted to children and are for any age group, especially children and old-aged people who are at risk of getting teeth decays and falling teeth, respectively.



Improve Overall Health


As dental sealants work as a protective covering for the lower sides of teeth, they allow you to eat anything that maybe you have not tasted for ages due to the fear of inserting more pressure on the teeth. As you can enjoy anything, it allows maintaining not only oral but also overall health. People having grooved or sensitive teeth cannot eat hard fruits and dry fruits because they need more pressure and a plain surface for chewing. By having dental sealants on, you can maintain your overall health by taking a healthy diet.


Better Oral Hygiene


Grooved or irregular surfaced teeth are difficult to clean. Normal brushing cannot eliminate all the germs. Food particles may also stick to the surfaces and can cause teeth to decay. These particles help the germs grow there, leading to poor oral health, causing cavities and decays. If they travel to the gum areas, they can also cause infectious gum diseases. Dental sealants fill the grooves nicely and are perfectly packed onto your teeth, making the surface more smooth, which is easy to clean and needs low maintenance.


Low Maintenance And Cost-Efficient


Compared to other dental treatments that can be used instead of dental sealants like dental fillings, dental sealants are more efficient. They need low maintenance because of the plain surface. It lets you clean them only by proper brushing while dental fillings need more care, and there is a risk of damaging them while eating or cleaning as they do not stick as strong as dental sealants do. They are cheaper than the other treatments and need only one or two visits to the clinic.




Dental sealants' pain-free and long-lasting ability makes them a more famous and preferred method these days. They reduce the risk of getting tooth cavities by 90% if done early and properly. If you plan to get something within budget and less time requiring, then sealants are the best option. Consult with your dentist and if they recommend it go for it.


Contact your Pinole dentist, Dr Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD at Abar Orthodontics to learn more about dental sealants.




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