Reasons Why Your Gums Hurt?

Reasons Why Your Gums Hurt?

Your gums are an important consideration! It’s not always about how straight your teeth are or how radiant your smile is regarding oral health. Most people are unaware that something is wrong with their gums because it is typically painless. Gum pain is a common issue. Numerous conditions might result in gum pain, swelling, or […]

Orthodontists and Dentists: what is the difference?

Orthodontists and Dentists: what is the difference?

Specialists in oral healthcare include dentists and orthodontists. General dentists are qualified to identify and manage problems with your gums, teeth, tongue, and mouth. Additionally, educated to specialize in finding and treating tooth and jaw misalignments, orthodontists undergo training. Hence, this article will extensively detail how orthodontists and dentists differ to help you choose which […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Everyone doesn’t need to remove the wisdom teeth. If your age is between 17 and 25, you might consider its removal. When there are many advantages of wisdom tooth removal, several disadvantages come with it. There are both the pros and cons of extraction. You must take into account both the advantages and the disadvantages […]

Deep Teeth Cleaning And How It Works

deep teeth cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning becomes necessary when a patient has a significant amount of tartar or plaque buildup below the gum line and in the roots of the teeth. In most cases, the patient also suffers from periodontal disease, which significantly impairs the health of gums. Gums pull away from the teeth, resulting in a gap […]

How Do Periodontal Treatments Work?

periodontal treatments

Surgical or non-surgical treatment methods cure periodontal diseases. The chosen method depends upon the severity of the disease and patients’ health conditions. The procedure prevents tooth loss, eliminates bacterial infection, reduces gum gaps between the teeth, restores damaged bones and tissues, and reshapes the jaw bone. In this article, we will discuss the working principles […]

Procedure For Teeth Whitening

procedure for teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is an efficient way to brighten your teeth. This, in turn, will increase your self-esteem as well as your smile. Here we will explain the procedure for teeth whitening done at the dental office. Step By Step Procedure Here is the process of procedure for teeth whitening: In-Office Teeth Whitening Your dentist does […]